Perceptual Mapper


Perceptual Mapper is my graduation project at Beckmans College of Design.

It is a prototype of a digital tool for emotional mapping of the built environment. I wanted to examine how the impressions and feelings that arise when we move in different environments can be visualized and turned into mental maps.

The project consists of a digital service and an app that is activated when the user takes a walk. Various types of data are collected during the walk, principally in the form of experienced feelings and observations.

The data is used to create an interactive map in which the user’s experiences are expressed through a variety of visual elements. Data collected from a number of users can create even larger, collective maps.

My goal has been to create a comprehensive system for emotional mapping of cities and locations that can be interpreted and are also visually interesting. My hope is that I can use this to create incentives for local people to reflect on their surroundings but also, in extension, to be able to expose some of the city’s possible shortcomings.


As the user walks, data is collected both
automatically and by user input.


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